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15.38xEA - Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) Copolymers (50%+Acetate) - European Adhesives

The Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) Copolymer is a product based on the copolymerization of vinyl acetate and ethylene in which the vinyl acetate content can range between 60-95%, and the ethylene content ranges between 5-40% of the total formulation. This product should not be confused with the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers in which the vinyl acetate generally range in composition from 10-40%, and ethylene can vary between 60-90% of the formulation. The VAEs are water-based emulsions, whereas The EVAs are solid materials used for hot melt and plastic molding applications. VAEs are also sold in powder form, a technology pioneered in Europe.

VAEs offer considerable performance advantages over PVA homopolymers due to the ability to alter the glass transition temperature (TgC) through the incorporation of the ethylene monomer. As ethylene content increases, Tg decreases. In contrast to PVAs, VAE polymerization utilizes high-pressure reactions ranging between 1000-2000 psis.

VAEs offer comparable runability properties to PVAs with the added benefit of significantly improved tack and adhesion under low temperature and wet conditions, as well as adhesion to non porous surfaces e.g., vinyl, aluminum, etc. VAEs also exhibit better flexibility and water resistance properties and require significantly less plasticizer.

In summary, VAEs are a better cost-performing polymer offering improved adhesive and binding properties with more user friendly compounding characteristics.

The use of vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) emulsion compositions in adhesives has grown rapidly over the last two decades with the development of a broad spectrum of end uses. Packaging adhesives constitute the largest general area of application for VAE latices and include: case and carton sealing, bonding of clay-coated board, the manufacture of paper bags, and containers or tubes (such as fiber packs and spiral wound paper products). Laminating applications represent another large use for VAE latices. One of the most popular applications for VAE latices has been the lamination of polyvinyl chloride films to cloth or wood substrates. These laminates find use in the manufacture of such items as recreational vehicles, mobile homes, furniture and decorative paneling. The PVC film is laminated to a low cost wood substrate, such as particleboard, to provide enhanced appearance and surface performance. This is a high growth adhesive application for VAE latex.

Because of their unique moisture resistance, substrate adhesion and permanent flexibility, VAE latices also find wide use in a variety of miscellaneous adhesive applications. These applications include Bookbinding, Furniture Manufacture, and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Products, as well as significant usage in the textile market. The VAE emulsions are popular in the fabrication of non- woven products, such as toweling and diapers, and in the backing of fabrics and carpeting. However, these latter uses are not covered in this study.

In addition, an emerging trend is the utilization of VAE powders for construction adhesives. The ability to utilize VAEs in powder form provides for more exact and easier mixing at the point of application, i.e., on the job thus, improving efficiency through waste reduction and labor costs, lending ultimately to improved profits.

This resin classification market report on vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) copolymers estimates 2003 demand with a historical perspective back to 1998 as well as forecasts through 2008 within the Europe / European Adhesives Industry.

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Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) Copolymers (50%+Acetate) Report - Europe / European Adhesives Industry - RAW MATERIAL Market

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