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15.31USA - Sodium Silicate - U.S. Adhesives

This raw material market report defines sodium silicate as a water soluble, inorganic compound sometimes used as a modifying ingredient in water borne adhesives and commonly referred to as water glass. The adhesive bond, formed by the evaporation of water, is generally resistant to heat and chemical attack. Sodium silicates are low in cost in comparison with most other synthetic organic polymers.

Paperboard and paper products, such as corrugated board and tube winders, are the major uses for sodium silicate-based adhesives. Sodium silicate has been used for bonding heavy draft corrugated paper for more than 80 years. These adhesives provide a strong and permanent bond, running at machine speeds of 500 feet/minute. They have good shelf life and do not require heat for cure. Starch adhesives, the major competition to silicates because of greater application flexibility, are growing in corrugated board manufacture. Other uses of sodium silicate adhesives include the lamination of solid fiberboard, case and carton sealing, paper laminates and the manufacture of paper tubes, cans and fiber drums.

Although phenol formaldehyde is the most common binder for fiberglass insulation, sodium silicate is often used for the lamination of aluminum foil to kraft paper, serving as a heat reflector and moisture barrier. Sodium silicate is also used in some gypsum wallboard manufacture. These uses, however, are not included in this study. Other major end uses not covered in this study include bonded abrasives and foundry binders. This resin classification market report on solium silicate estimates 2003 demand with a historical perspective back to 2000 as well as forecasts through 2005 and 2010 within the U.S. Adhesives Industry.

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Sodium Silicate Report - U.S. Adhesives Industry - RAW MATERIAL Market

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