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Daniel Murad, ChemQuest Group President - U.S. and European coatings and adhesives industry expert in strategic assessment and value creation.


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John D. Million, ChemQuest Group Director - Asia Pacific Region.
John D. Million

Prior to joining The ChemQuest Group, Inc., John Million has worked in Asia Pacific with various companies in global marketing leadership - Ferro Industrial Products, Taiwan; H F Coors China; Lilly Industries Far East Group; Sherwin Williams Industrial Coatings; and Spraylat Corporation. 

John's experience includes over nineteen years of active involvement in many aspects of coatings in the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and China.  His responsibilities also included establishing many start-up businesses for Lilly Industries and Sherwin Williams in Asia Pacific.

John's capabilities include comprehensive command of business models, Asia Pacific regulatory issues, production methods, marketing tools, raw material specification and purchasing and change management.

Our clients are demanding more in-depth understanding of the global markets they are in or considering to be in.  John will be an excellent resource to assist them, either helping to understand the markets in Asia Pacific, or how to enter the market for those not already involved.

John holds degrees from Missouri School of Mines (BS Ceramic Engineering) and Case Western Reserve University (MBA).





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John D. Million, ChemQuest Group Director - Asia Pacific Region.
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