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The ChemQuest Group, a top market research paint consulting firm, has focused exclusively on the coatings, adhesives and sealants industries along with the corresponding specialty feedstocks.  Offices throughout the U.S., UK, Asia.


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Our Mission

To improve the profitability and growth of our client's business through improved strategies, analysis, tactics and market understanding as a result of the work performed on their behalf.

To emerge by reputation as the obvious adhesive / paint consulting firm to choose when there is an important management decision to be made.


Since 1976, ChemQuest has focused exclusively on the coatings, adhesives and sealants industries along with the corresponding specialty feedstocks. The company's core competencies include direct industry experience, strategic implications of the value chain and deriving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Each of our senior consultants and consulting staff provide valuable insight directly related to extensive management and strategic development experiences gained by dedication and vocation within the coatings, adhesives and sealants industries. With this pool of experience comes comprehensive knowledge of market segmentation, trends, consumers and suppliers, as well as a realistic perspective on strategies that work given current dynamics.

ChemQuest follows the value chain of these industries from the feedstock through the formulative technology and the distribution chain to the end-users. A firm's value chain is a strong indication to its strategies. Therefore, ChemQuest's focus is on the structural integrity of markets and the competing forces that determine industry profitability. ChemQuest's strategic services provide insight into formulating distinguishable and defensible strategies resulting in sustainable profits through value creation and/or extraction. As an example, click on the ChemQuest logo to help you envision how our services can be effectively utilized in the New Product Development Process.

The menu to the left provides you with an opportunity to meet the ChemQuest Staff and learn more about the services and methodologies exclusively available to you through ChemQuest.

ChemQuest is considered the "best in its class" by a number of its strategic partner clients as a result of its constant industry surveillance, narrow focus and understanding the implications of change within the respective value chains.

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The ChemQuest Group, Inc.  -  8150 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 250, Cincinnati, OH  45242
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The ChemQuest Group are business consultants / trainers focusing on paint consulting areas like value chain analysis, strategic Intent / positioning / planning, decision and risk analysis, scenario business planning, management training, and more.
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